“The images Jen created captured our brand at it’s heart”


Love what you do.


At JW, we take working with clients seriously because we know there is a lot of heart, soul and hard that goes into your business. Clients are drawn to our approach that like genuine and authentic images sprinkled with some whimsy and boldness. Since we customize everything we do here (just like I’m sure you do) we make sure we bring our personalized approach to all the clients we work with.

Eat with your eyes...

(and then your mouth)

At JW we take food pretty seriously, because let’s be honest, food is seriously good. As a self proclaimed “foodie” Jen loves the creative challenge involved with creating images that really represent the care and love that goes into a dish created by a chef.

Commercial Portraits

We take commercial portraits that aren’t boring and don’t require obnoxious set ups.

Product photography

Product photography is also something that’s pretty cool


What is your favorite food?

All of them. I don't discriminate. But, in no particular order... pizza, tacos, cake, spring rolls, fresh bread (with good butter, it has to have good butter!), anything a friend makes, oysters, and anything with a dipping sauce. I also love really complicated dishes that take all day to create and/or to plate. And wine. Wine is a food, right?

How much does it cost?

Pricing is determined by project but are competitive with the industry standards. Half day, full day, and project based rates available.

How do I know if your the photographer for me?

Usually a quick conversation over the phone or email shares all the information needed to determine if there is good synergy between our studio and your needs. Also, we are pretty awesome so we are pretty sure you will like us right away. And we are perfectionists, which is really handy while doing tasks like styling food and caring about how everything looks as much as you do.

I need a photo of a blood sausage pudding dish but I don't see blood sausage pudding on your portfolio...

That's ok! I've been a photographer for over 10 years and while I will admit I have never actually photographed blood sausage pudding (although sounds interesting and I would be willing to taste it) I am 100% confident that my experience will allow me to kick ass photographing it.
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